Ten for Trust - Well let’s start with 6

Connect.Me Trust Anchors

Today marks the start of full Trust Anchor vouching on Connect.Me and is the inaugural post in my blog.  Trust Anchors have 150 special vouches they can give out (lifetime limit) as a strong signal of how much they trust someone — specifically, how much they trust another person to abide by the principles of the Respect Trust Framework.

As part of the Ten for Trust campaign, I have decided to tell you about 6 of the first people I am vouching for as Trust Anchors.  These are amazing people and I am very fortunate to know each of them.

Flora Huang http://connect.me/users/florahuang - Flora is a dear friend.  She makes any situation better with her infectious optimism and amazing spirit.  Her level of intelligence and the success she has achieved is impressive.  I plan to count on her friendship many years to come and can always count on her morale certitude. We also have the privilege of using her as our Connect.Me card model for private beta invites so she may look familiar to many people by now.

David Kline http://connect.me/users/kliner69er – I have only known Dave for a few years but in that short time we have traveled the world together and my life has been in his hands more than once (cave diving, rock climbing etc).  He is a person that always puts the good of the group ahead of himself.

Anoop Nebhnani http://connect.me/users/anoop – Anoop is one of the most optimistic and high-energy people that I have ever met.  He has the ability to see the good in everyone and in that vein is instantly liked by almost everyone.  Not having an evil bone in his body, I trust Anoop to always follow his moral compass and act honorably in every facet of his life.

Barry Forman http://connect.me/users/BarryForman – Barry has been a friend and mentor for about a decade.  His general wisdom of the world is unmatched by anyone I know and I have learned a great deal from him.  I value Barry’s opinion in all matters, both business and personal.  I count his friendship and mentorship as one of the most valuable intangibles in my life.

Charlie Mills – Charlie is one of my oldest friends and a standup guy.  His ability to understand complex mathematics combined with his determination to run marathons blows my mind.  He is authentic in how he lives hislife and I would trust him with my mine.

Kurt Lentz http://connect.me/users/mlentz01 - Kurt and I have been close friends since we were 11 years old.  We’ve been there for each other in good and bad times and seen each other mature into the people we are today.  Kurt is a brilliant financial mind, loving father and husband and one of a few friendships I will carry throughout my life.  I trust him to do right in any situation and greatly respect the man he has become.